Sunday, October 11, 2009


It started in 2004, and ended in 2009. In 2004, she sent a message per week. The time horizon reduced as the messages increased in number. Unaware as I was about this, she used to message others too. She then called. The calls were about things unconnected to me or what I did, and I used to hang up within a minute. I did not realize then, that she called others too. But, the calls never meant anything to me, any time.
Then I started getting the calls every day, not to mention the messages that kept coming at regular intervals (at the rate of one in every few hours). Some messages were informative, but the calls were never so. They were boring. I started hanging up within seconds.
I never replied to her messages, unless it was absolutely necessary. I never felt like it. But I used to read them, till late 2008. Post 2008, I started deleting them as and when I saw them. As for the calls, I stopped picking them up. This was when I realized that her being in touch with me bugged me.
There was no further thinking required. I had to stop being in touch. This I did, and did it real quick. All it took was typing in ‘DND’, and sending it to 121...
Such is the sustained trouble that recorded calls from mobile service providers offer us customers! :P