Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Woes and Ease of Facebook Chat

The time on the Desktop clock when I start to type this article: 11:45pm
I was chatting with a friend on Facebook, when I got to reflect on just how difficult the interface for the same is, on Zuckerberg's Social Net(doesn't always)work. The defects, faced by all, is summarized as below:
1) Enter, the Dragon: Zucker's team might have forgotten to programme respect for the ENTER key. Worse still, they would have set a counter which recognizes the ENTER key only the seventh time somebody presses it.
2) The exclamations of life aren't given their place, on FB. For, this is how "what you mean" gets typed on FB chat:
Oh! - oh1
LOL! - lol1
Haha!!!! - haha111
The most required SHIFT is never given its due, hence...
3) Phase-book: This would have been a better name for the network, for it displays what you have typed in phases. It stops mid-way, hell with your speed and ability to type fast, and moves on to the next phase only after a couple of swears form your side, and a call and a message to the person at the other end if not a face-to-face meeting, to convey how FB chat sucks.
4) Space-jam: Self-explanatory, foryouwouldneverwantwhatyoutypetobeclusteredtogetherlikethis.
5) Loading the Chat option... sometimes takes forever.
6) Back to FB chat... Was taking a break when I had pressed Enter there.

Time on desktop clock now: 11:57pm - My fastest blog to-date. :) This is when the keyboard works the way you want it to!



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